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Eurammon regularly organizes events and panel discussions. Here you will find an overview of current and past events.
Find an overview of current and past events.
Fri, 9 October 2020, from 08:30 to 10:30 CEST

Natural Refrigeration Award 2020

As an association of companies, institutions, and individuals, eurammon believes that the economic and ecological potential of natural refrigerants is enormous. eurammon is therefore dedicated to promoting research in the area of natural refrigerants and to actively advance the development of innovative, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient systems.

Shaping the future with young scientists

There is no better way to shape the future with natural refrigerants than to facilitate the projects of ambitious young scientists. For this reason, eurammon has created the Natural Refrigeration Award, where outstanding scientific theses in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump applications with natural refrigerants are awarded. All graduates and young scientists of universities, polytechnics, colleges, and similar educational institutions can participate, whose scientific paper has been accredited as a doctoral, master’s or bachelor’s thesis, or final paper for a similar degree.

Listen to the three award winners

For the eighth time now, eurammon has selected the winners for the three best scientific theses, together with the International Academy of Refrigeration (IAR), the Representative office in Kazakhstan and the trade journal cci dialog GmbH. «We are proud to award the three winners with a prize money of € 5,000», says Monika Witt, eurammon vice chair, «and to give them the opportunity to present their theses to an international expert audience.» We cordially invite you to take part in the online ceremony and listen to the winners' scientific theses. Click on «Read more» to register for the online event.

Thu, 25 June 2020 - Wed, 8 July 2020

eurammon Symposium 2020

It is one of the key dates for the refrigeration an air-conditioning industry: The annual eurammon Symposium. This year, operators, planners, system engineers and an interested audience came together virtually to discuss heat pumps using natural refrigerants and the associated possibilites for waste heat recovery.

International experts have shown how the use of heat pumps with natural refrigerants contributes to meeting the increased ecological requirements, giving insights into current legislation and technical regulations, as well as discussing new solutions for heat pumps using natural refrigerants.

27 - 28 June 2019

eurammon Symposium 2019

The eurammon Symposium 2019 with the title "Future-proof solutions in cooling and heating applications" again took place in CH-Schaffhausen.

Operators, planners, manufacturers and interested expert visitors met at the eurammon symposium. This year the main issue was future-proof solutions in refrigeration and air conditioning technology and the challenges resulting from legal regulations such as the F-Gases Regulation. International experts showed how the increased ecological requirements can be better achieved by refrigeration and air conditioning systems with natural refrigerants. Participants gained an insight into current legislation and technical regulations, learned about new solutions for charge reduction in ammonia refrigeration systems and discussed different refrigeration systems in supermarket applications.

11 - 13 April 2019

International Conference CO2 and Ammonia Refrigeration Technologies

The next International Conference CO2 and Ammonia Refrigeration Technologies will be held on April 11-13, 2019 in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.