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eurammon – where natural refrigerants are passion

eurammon has dedicated itself to the use of natural refrigerants in Europe and all around the world for more than 20 yearsOur mission is clearSince day one in 1996, we have been spreadinggeneral awareness and acceptance of natural refrigerants– thereby reducing possible reservations against their use.As an associationof companies, institutions and individualseurammonis dedicated to promotingnatural refrigerants in the interest of a healthy environment, and to further develop a sustainable approach to refrigeration.

Together with our international network of experts, we want to expand the worldwide use of natural refrigerants in order to focus on the energy and resource efficiency.

Technologies sustaining a healthy environment and climate have no nationality - that is why eurammon operates and thinks beyond national borders. We champion sustainable solutions in refrigeration at national and international levels by uniting leading global companies in the field of natural refrigerantseurammon has an excellent global network of co-operation agreements and memberships with international and national associations and institutions.eurammon is now compromised of almost 80 members in 2countries around the globe – and counting.

eurammon – where knowledge is key

eurammon regards itself as a centre of competence for the use of naturally working fluids in refrigeration. And because with great knowledge comes great responsibility, the association sees its mission in providing a platform for information and knowledge sharing – whether you are a professional user or consultant for natural refrigeration plants, a politician or an interested individual. eurammon provides all interested parties with the latest news in the cooling and refrigeration technology, insightful case studies or informative papers. In short: We share with anyone interested in refrigeration - the natural way.

The competitive disadvantage of natural refrigerants is diminishing.

We do not only provide extensive information material and share our know-how, but also actively engage hands-on: eurammon delivers services on all matters associated with the planning of major refrigeration plants, including permits or technical guidelines for their operation. eurammon also provides specific project experience – such as support with institutional legislation for the various European countries – and connects its members with institutions, universities, or others relevant members.

eurammon – where the future is now

eurammon embraces social responsibility. As a partner to governments, business and non-governmental organisations, the association contributes to developing and implementing future-proof solutions in refrigeration. Refrigeration must do its part for sustainability, and we at eurammon are convinced that natural refrigerants will have an important share in providing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to customers and the industry – now and in the future.

Natural refrigerants are definitively future-proof – therefore they are the most reasonable solution.
eurammon brings together scientists with technical experts from the field of industrial refrigeration, and thereby contributes to accelerating the evolution of innovative approaches and viable technologies. We are confident that our dedication to advancing professional research combined with the strong personal commitment of our eurammon-members will lead us to a more sustainable, eco-friendly future.