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We at eurammon are committed to providing and sharing knowledge to all parties interested – be it professionals such as refrigeration users and planners, politicians, the politically interested public as much as the public at large. After all, creating a healthy environment through sustainable business is a topic that concerns and affects us all.
Providing and sharing knowledge to all parties
eurammon is a globally leading platform when it comes to natural refrigerants, thanks to the dedication and professional know-how of our longstanding members. eurammon-members are the core of our initiative, we therefore see it as our duty to provide, think and act on behalf of the members - because together we will shape the future of natural refrigerants.
eurammon is a globally leading platform when it comes to natural refrigerants.
Next to providing comprehensive background information on natural refrigerants, eurammon-members can profit from a variety of services.


eurammon-members profit from our service support –whether it is in matters of planning, licensing orthe operation of refrigeration plants.

Information Platform

We at eurammon provide an information platform: We share our members’ activities on our webite and social media platforms in order to spread their know-how, achievements and findings to the outside world.


As a member, you will have the opportunity to meet experts from all over the world – for example at our annual Symposium in Schaffhausen or at our lecture Event “Chilllventa”. Members will not only profit from networking but will also be able shape the landscape of natural refrigerants: As a member, you will be part of our Technical Committee, which contributes substantially to the information papers available on our homepage.


We will assist you with the institutional legislation for the various European countries, along with technical guidelines for the operation of refrigeration plants.

Training Courses

You will profit from various training courses from our existing eurammon-members – we offer you an overview of courses and connect you with the respective member.

Stay up to date

Finally, we provide our members with the latest news of the natural refrigeration industry, so they are always up to date.
Join eurammon today and become an advocate for natural refrigerants. To anyone interested in supporting sustainable refrigeration – we are looking forward to welcoming you.