Services at a glance

1. Providing and sharing knowledge

We aim to provide our members with information about the latest development in refrigeration and heating technologies. With our insightful case studies, informative papers, or exploratory leaflets we are actively pursuing a knowledge transfer between all interest groups.

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Latest news from the industry
Factsheets: each natural refrigerant explained
Information papers
Case Studies
Interviews with key players of the industry
Product directory
Knowledge transfer and participation at symposiums or conferences

2. Supporting, Connecting and Networking

eurammon stands by its members as a competent service partner – our experts provide guidelines for planning, permits and the operation of major refrigeration plants. In addition to our services, our members profit from our wide network, since we actively maintain contact to companies, official bodies and authorities dealing with the subject of refrigeration, environmental protection, science and research.

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Service Support:  We offer services when it comes to matters of planning, licensing and operating refrigeration plants and will assist you with specific project experience.
Global Network: eurammon unites leading global companies in refrigeration and in the field of natural refrigerants. We can therefore connect you withan excellent global network of companies, international associations and institutions as well as important individuals from science and research.
Legislation: We will assist you with the institutional legislation for the various European countries, along with technical guidelines for the operation of refrigeration plants.
Individual Service: Each member is different, that is why we offer our services on an individual basis.Please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Education and Training

We aim to connect our members in the best way possible – be it with leading universities or vocational schools, as well as with existing eurammon-members that offer training courses.

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Education: eurammon works closely with educational institutions and is therefore able to connect its members with leading universities and vocational schools around the world. 

Training Courses: You will profit from various training courses from our existing eurammon-members – please find an overview of the training courses here.