Case Study: Star Refrigeration delivers futureproof cooling system for Gist chilled distribution centre

Star Refrigeration have completed the installation of an energy saving have completed the installation of an energy-saving, future-proof refrigeration system for Gist at its Hemel Hempstead cold storage facility. The food and beverage logistics specialist was looking to replace several aging HFC refrigeration systems serving two large cold stores and their associated loading dock. It was important that the new system would be powered by a future-proof natural refrigerant that could operate efficiently in ambient temperatures up to +40 C during the warmer summer months. For this project, it was also critical that all chilled areas remained fully operational 24/7 throughout the project, with no cooling losses.
Star's Azanechiller is a complete air-cooled system that runs on a small amount of the natural refrigerant ammonia, which is protected from future legislative expiration. It is hoped that the efficient dual compressor design of Star's Azanechiller system will lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption at Gist.
Alex Henderson, regional sales manager at Star Refrigeration, said that one of the key requirements was to provide Gist with a highly efficient and resilient natural refrigeration system that could operate in ambient temperatures up to +40°C. They were able to achieve this by designing a pair of Azanechillers with twin variable speed compressors and low fan power. In the event that a single compressor outage, the plant is designed to provide at least 75% cooling capacity under full-load conditions in both chill stores.
Despite a nationwide COVID-19- lockdown, the project was completed on schedule in May 2020 after an 11-week staggered delivery program. This was largely due to a dedicated team. The number of personnel on site during installation was minimized so that all work could be completed safely and in accordance with state guidelines.
Manufactured in the UK by Star, the design of Azanechiller includes single or twin variable speed compressors, a low charge plate and shell evaporator, air cooled condenser with EC fans and epoxy coated condenser fins as standard. The chiller’s controls software also comes ‘Ethos’ ready, enabling customers to activate Star’s awards winning plant performance monitoring software for optimum efficiency throughout the plant’s life. The Azanechiller is powered by the natural refrigerant ammonia and is ideal for customers looking to move away from HFC refrigeration systems and protect their investment from future regulatory requirements.