Case studies

Maran Organic Supermarket

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Axima Kältetechnik GmbH


Propane (C3H8)

System start-up


Maran organic supermarket in Vienna offers its customers high quality, organically grown foods and perishables grown and manufactured without the use of pesticides, preservatives or artificial additives.


To ensure that it would remain consistent in its environmental friendliness, the supermarket was looking for an environmentally friendly alternative for cooling its refrigerated displays and cabinets.


The Axima Kältetechnik GmbH installed a refrigeration unit that uses the natural refrigerant propane to cool the selling and storage areas.

Technical data:


Type of facility

Indirect plant



Refrigerant volume

3,8 kg


Glycol water

Refrigerant capacity

28 kW

Main components

Vaporizer/evaporator, condenser, suction gas heat exchanger, glycol cooler, air cooler, heat recovery, hot water tank

Special features / Comments

The machine room with the propane-containing parts of the plant is hermetically sealed and at negative pressure. Propane detectors are used to monitor the ambient air. A desuperheater uses the waste heat to heat industrial water.


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