Case studies

Pasta & Co.

Planning / Implementation / Main components

KWN Engineering-Gesellschaft mbH


Ammonia (NH3) / carbon dioxide (CO2)

System start-up


For the manufacturing of filled fresh and frozen pasta, and to store the raw materials that go into them, the Austrian market leader Recheis Teigwaren GmbH required conditioned storehouses, regular and deep-freeze storehouses and a combined spiral/freezer-cooler.


The company required an economical and environmentally friendly refrigeration facility that complies with Austria's F-Gases regulation.


To furnish all the cold energy demand without using HFCs, the KWN Engineering-Gesellschaft mbH designed a refrigeration facility using the natural refrigerant ammonia. A carbon dioxide-cascade was additionally installed for the deep-freeze storehouse and the spiral freezer and cooler.


Technical data:


Type of facility

Flooded NH3 plant
CO2 direct expansion in cascade


NH3 / CO2

Refrigerant volume

460 kg NH3 / 135 kg CO2


1,200 kg Antifrogen L

Refrigerant temperature

Conditioned stores +2 °C / +6 °C
Cold stores -8 °C / -4 °C
spiral cooler -6 °C / -2 °C

Refrigerant capacity

325 kW NH3 plant
110 kW CO2 plant

Main components

4 piston compressors NH3 plant
3 piston compressors CO2 plant



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