Case studies

Trio Invest Distribution Centre / Russia

Planning / Implementation / Main components: Johnson Controls Denmark ApS
Refrigerant: Carbon dioxide (CO2)
System start-up: November 2007

Trio Invest, a food distribution company, has built a new warehouse complex with a total capacity of 22,000 tons at its distribution centre in Domodedovo, Russia. Johnson Controls equipped the warehouse with a carbon dioxide and ammonia cascade facility for refrigeration.


An economic and environmentally friendly refrigeration facility was called for, which would ensure that meat products, fish and vegetables would be stored and remain at consistent quality until further transport. The stipulation was to have five refrigeration rooms at -24°C, and five other rooms at 0°C.


Johnson Controls installed a two-phase refrigeration system, which uses carbon dioxide in the low-temperature circuit and ammonia in the high-temperature circuit.

Technical data:



Type of facility cascade facility
Refrigerant: CO2
Refrigerant volume 8,800 kg CO2


Refrigerant volume 2,900 kg NH3
Refrigerating capacity

2,500 kW

Refrigerating temperature -32 ºC 
Main components 5 CO2 piston compressors, 4 NH3 screw compressors 
Special features / Comments:

Using CO2 allowed for minimising the volume of NH3 used.



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