Case studies

Project: Frigosuisse Deep-Freeze Warehouse, Switzerland

Planning / Implementation / Main components: SSP Kälteplaner AG
Johnson Controls Systems & Service GmbH
Refrigerant: Ammonia (NH3)
System start-up: June 2007

The refrigerated and frozen goods logistics company Frigosuisse supplemented its three existing deep-freeze warehouses in Möhlin, Switzerland with the addition of a fourth. To cool the new warehouse, the refrigeration specialists from the engineering firm SSP Kälteplaner AG designed a pumped ammonia system with Eco mode.


The new building, which has a volume of approximately 65,000 m³, was to be fitted with an economic, environmentally friendly system to maintain a temperature of -28°C in the deep-freeze warehouse, and of -10°C in the adjacent automatic picking hall.


SSP Kälteplaner AG was commissioned to draft a refrigeration system to meet these requirements. The engineering firm designed a plant which uses ammonia in a direct evaporation, multiple circulation system. Johnson Controls installed the system, which is charged with 2,100 kg of ammonia and has a peak performance of 540 kW, on the ground.

Technical data:



Type of facility Two-stage refrigeration facilityDirect evaporation pumped ammonia system
Refrigerant: NH3
Refrigerant volume 2,100 kg
Refrigerant capacity

540 kW

Refrigerating temperature

-40 ºC

Main components Screw compressor, evaporative condenser, separator, economizer, ammonia pumps and air coolers
Special features / Comments:

A so-called “cold pool” is formed due to the vertical distribution of the cold air by the air coolers.



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