Case studies

"Lentpark" – ice skating and swimming stadium / Cologne, Germany

Implementation/Main components:



Ammonia (NH3)

Refrigerant volume:

approx. 7000 kg

System start-up:



In 2011, KölnBäder GmbH completed the construction of an entirely new building on the grounds of the old ice skating and swimming stadium. Together with the swimming pool facility with indoor pool, outdoor pool and sauna, an ice rink was also constructed in combination with Europe's only elevated ice track.



The main requirement was for energy-efficient refrigeration. Both the elevated ice track and the ice rink were therefore designed as a direct evaporation system.



GfKK GmbH installed a central refrigeration plant with reciprocating compressors. The waste heat is put to energy-efficient use for heating process water, melting the snow pits and antifreeze protection. The remaining waste heat is emitted to the outside with an air-cooled condenser that operates with EC ventilators. 

Refrigeration supply for the elevated ice track is designed to provide a constant ice quality even under differing framework conditions and heat loads.

Technical data:

Type of facility:

Direct evaporation plant



Refrigerant volume:

>approx. 7000 kg

Refrigerant capacity:

819 kW

Evaporation temperature:

-12 °C

Condensation temperature:

+35  °C



Main components:

Grasso reciprocating compressors

Special features/comments:

The plant is equipped with a central GfKK control unit with visualisation.

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