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Cool Cookies - The Dutch biscuit manufacturer Verkade invests in efficient refrigeration systems


GEA Refrigeration Technologies


Ammonia (NH3)

Refrigerant Capacity:

1000 kW

System start-up:

Spring 2012



The Dutch biscuit (cookie) and chocolate manufacturer Verkade from Zaandam (The Netherlands) wishes to offer an extensive product portfolio on a sustainable basis. Due to its growing production and the launch of a new cookie type, Verkade had reached the technical limits of its old refrigeration system. In order to expand the refrigeration capacity, Verkade decided to install a new chiller, which assures room temperature of approximately 18°C. Moreover, the available space for production posed a particular challenge: The new refrigeration system was planned to be set up in a machine room in which an old GEA Grasso NH3 chiller from 1960 was still in operation. The new refrigeration system was expected to be environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-effective.



GEA Refrigeration Technologies suggested to implement the GEA Grasso BluAstrum 1000, using ammonia as refrigerant, which met all specifications of Verkade. It is filled with only approximately 100g of ammonia per kW. The new and the existing refrigeration units supply a common chilled water circuit. As primary system, the GEA Grasso BluAstrum 1000 fulfills cooling requirements throughout the entire year and under conditions of full or partial loads. The new refrigeration system is designed for a condenser temperature of 45°C on the dry-cooler side and 3.6°C on the evaporator side. It provides cold water at 6/12°C (supply/return). As the GEA Grasso BluAstrum 1000 has already shown a positive impact on energy costs and the consumption of resources, the refrigeration system helps to reach Verkade´s company goal of reducing energy consumption and thus its contribution to carbon dioxide emissions.

Technical data:

Type of facility:

Fabric Cooling and cooling of several production processes


Ammonia (NH3)

Refrigerant capacity:

100 g per kW of cooling duty

Condensation temperature:

45°C on the dry-cooler side and 3.6°C on the evaporator side


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