Case studies

Strakonice Brewery / Czech Republic

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Bohemiachlad spol. s.r.o.


Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up


The Czech Republic’s historic Strakonice brewery, famous for beers such as Nektar and Dudák, needed to replace its obsolete and fault-prone refrigeration system. The contractor Bohemiachlad installed a compression refrigeration system that uses ammonia.


The brewery’s refrigeration system was antiquated: It broke down regularly, was difficult to service, and didn’t meet the current safety regulations. A new refrigeration solution was needed, one that would be environmentally friendly and economical to run. The brewery also wished to extend its production of beer, which would increase the demands on the refrigeration system.


Bohemiachlad built a central ammonia-based compression refrigeration plant. The total refrigerating capacity of the system is 620 kW. A dry evaporation system with tube evaporators is used. The tube evaporators cool brine and ice water in open chillers. The refrigerant volume was reduced to just 90 kg per chiller.

Technical data:


Type of facility

Dry evaporation system



Refrigerant volume

90 kg per chiller

Secondary refrigerant

ice water and brine

Refrigerating capacity

620 kW

Main components

4 screw compressors controlled by frequency converters, evaporative condensers, 2 open chillers for ice water and brine

Special features / Comments

All of the motors are equipped with frequency converters, so that their performance can be adapted to the actual load to cut electricity consumption. The refrigeration system is easily controlled from a control centre.



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