Case studies

Slaughterhouse / Sweden

Planning / Implementation / Main components

Ingemar Johansson Ingeniörbyrå AB / Alfa Laval AB


Ammonia (NH3)

System start-up


A Swedish slaughterhouse operates numerous refrigeration and freezing rooms for producing and storing its sausage and meat products. Its ammonia-based refrigeration plant was built by Alfa Laval.


The slaughterhouse was looking for an efficient, environmentally friendly solution for its various refrigeration and deep-freezing needs.


The engineering firm designed an economical ammonia system with a refrigeration output of 4,000 kW. As the ammonia cools the production and storage rooms, a temperature of approx. 70°C is generated on the heat producing side. This waste heat is used by desuperheaters, liquefiers and heat pumps to warm up heating-circuit and service water up to 67°C in several steps. The 800-kW heat pumps are connected directly to the refrigeration cycle with ammonia plate heat exchangers, thereby additionally enhancing the system’s efficiency.

Technical data:


Type of facility

Central system



Refrigerant volume

35 t

Secondary refrigerant


Refrigerating capacity

4,000 kW

Refrigerant temperature

-10 ºC

Main components

Desuperheaters, heat pumps, liquefiers

Special features / Comments

By putting the waste heat to use, the slaughterhouse can save roughly 1,400 m³ of heating oil a year.



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