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  • Bezengi

    Largest glacier in the Caucasus
  • Ausfonna

    Largest glacier in Europe (Spitsbergen)
  • Campo De Hielo Sur

    Largest glacier in South America
  • Jakobshavn

    Fastest flowing glacier in the world (Greenland)
  • Jostedalsbreen

    Largest mainland glacier in Europe
  • Malaspina glacier

    Largest non-polar glacier
  • Pasterzen glacier

    Largest glacier in Austria
  • Quelccaya

    Largest glacier in the tropical climate zone
  • Schneeferner

    Largest glacier in Germany
  • Svelgabreen glacier

    Tongue of the Folgefonna glacier
  • Vatnajoekull

    Largest glacier in Europe outside the polar region

eurammon e. V.
Refrigerants delivered by mother nature

We are an association of companies, institutions and individuals with one goal: to encourage a sustainable approach in refrigeration engineering. eurammon has therefore been advocating the use of natural refrigerants since its foundation in 1996. The initiative sees its mission in providing a platform for information and knowledge sharing – be it for scientists and researchers, politicians, as well as the public at large.

Whether in the food and beverage industry, in air-conditioning, in sport and recreation facilities, hospitals, the chemical, pharmaceuticals or the automotive industry – cooling and refrigeration technologies are essential to our civilization and affect every one of us. That is why we have set our minds to using natural refrigerants – to substantially contribute to an eco-friendly and sustainable refrigeration technology. Welcome to eurammon.
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Natural Refrigerants

Natural refrigerants such as ammonia or carbon dioxide have a long-standing tradition – especially in food production and storage, where they have been in use for over 100 years.

«Naturally cool» provides fascinating insights and interesting information about the use of natural refrigerants. The filmlet uses illustrations to explain how the use of natural refrigerants has developed and their history since 2,000 BC. It reveals how natural refrigerants have found their way from ancient Egypt to our modern refrigerators.

  • « Systems with natural refrigerants are already in operation around the world, built with European expertise and components - eurammon being at the forefront of developing the technology of natural refrigerants further. »
    Bernd Kaltenbrunner, eurammon Chairman and Managing Director of KWN Engineering GmbH
  • « The competitive disadvantage of natural refrigerants is diminishing.»
    Stephan Sicar, eurammon member and part of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  • « Natural refrigerants are definitively future-proof – therefore they are the most reasonable solution. »
    Dina Köpfke, Director Governmental Affairs at Emerson Climate Technologies GmbH

Discover your member advantages

We at eurammon are committed to providing and sharing knowledge to all parties interested – be it professionals such as refrigeration users and planners, politicians, the politically interested public as much as the public at large. After all, creating a healthy environment through sustainable business is a topic that concerns and affects us all.