eurammon Symposium 2019


eurammon Symposium 2019

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Thu, 06/27/2019 - Fri, 06/28/2019

eurammon Symposium 2019

Frankfurt, 06 March 2019 –It is one of the key dates for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry on 27 and 28 June 2019, operators, planners, system engineers and an interested trade audience will all come together in Klostergut Paradies, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, for the eurammon Symposium 2019.

In lectures and a panel discussion, the symposium will deal with questions of "Future-proof solutions in cooling and heating applications".

This year's topic will focus on future-proof solutions in refrigeration and air conditioning technology and the challenges resulting from legal regulations such as the F-Gases Regulation. International experts will show how the increased ecological requirements can be better achieved by refrigeration and air conditioning systems with natural refrigerants. Participants will gain insight into current legislation and technical regulations, learn about new solutions for charge reduction in ammonia refrigeration systems and discuss different refrigeration systems in supermarket applications.

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The eurammon Symposium 2018 will be held at "Klostergut Paradies" in Schaffhausen (Switzerland).

About eurammon

eurammon is a joint initiative of companies, institutions and individuals dedicated to increasing the use of natural refrigerants. As a centre of excellence in the use of natural refrigerants in refrigeration technology, the initiative is committed to providing a platform for sharing information and promoting public awareness and acceptance of natural refrigerants. The objective is to advocate use of natural refrigerants in the interest of a healthy environment and thereby encourage a sustainable approach in refrigeration technology. eurammon provides experts, politicians and the public at large with comprehensive information about all aspects of natural refrigerants, and serves as a qualified contact for anyone interested in the subject. Users and designers of refrigeration projects can turn to eurammon for specific project experience and extensive information, as well as for advice on all matters of planning, licensing and operating refrigeration systems. Established in 1996, the initiative is open to companies and institutions with a vested interest in natural refrigerants, as well as to individuals from a variety of fields such as science and research.


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