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New eurammon film: The Ammonia case study shows the advantages of the use of Ammonia in industrial refrigeration

eurammon has made considerable progress in contributing towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach in refrigeration engineering. We have succeeded in creating more awareness as well as largely increasing the acceptance of natural refrigerants. Fulfilling its role as a knowledge pool for the use of natural...

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New double interview: Planning for the future - long-term investment security as a driver for natural refrigerant

eurammon is an industry initiative and centre of excellence which has dedicated itself to the use of natural refrigerants in Europe for more than 20 years. The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR), eurammon’s long-standing partner in the US, celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2016, representing...

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New background article: Many reasons for small quantities of refrigerant

Ammonia is an environmentally benign, cost efficient and future proof refrigerant. It has been traditionally used in industrial applications for cooling capacities of several megawatts using tonnes of refrigerant charge. However, the flammability and toxicity of ammonia impose comparatively high safety requirements in terms...

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