Eco-friendly CO2 Refrigeration Plant for S-Market, Finland


Alfa Laval


Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Refrigerant Capacity

130 kW / 25 kW

System start-up




S-Market from Finland required a new refrigeration solution for different cold rooms, in which different fresh products are stored. In order to cool fish, chicken, ready-food, fruit and vegetables each at different temperatures, diverse refrigeration plants were needed. Moreover, high activity in the cold and freezing room demanded an increased airflow.



Alfa Laval supplied CO2 unit coolers used in the supermarket and brazed heat exchanger for an environmentally friendly and very efficient refrigeration plant which cools different cold rooms and a freezing room, using Carbon Dioxide as refrigerant. The refrigeration plant operates at -20°C to -18°C in the freezing room and at different temperatures in the diverse cold rooms:


Fish cold room: 0°C to -2°C
Chicken cold room: 0°C to -2°C
Ready-food cold room: 3°C to 5°C
Fruit and vegetable cold room: 6°C to 8°C
Three coolers in the terminal area: 2°C to 4°C

Technical data:

Type of facility:

Cold storage rooms


Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Refrigerant capacity:

200 kg per unit

Evaporation temperature:

-8°C / -35°C

Condensation temperature:

32°C / -8°C

Main components:

An Optigo CC air heat exchanger in the freezer and Optigo CD coolers in the fish, chicken, ready-food, fruit and vegetable cold storage


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