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  Asda Distribution Centre / UK  
Planning / Implementation / Main components Star Refrigeration Ltd
Refrigerant Ammonia (NH3)
System start-up 2007

Beginning in 2002, the British supermarket chain Asda has had Star Refrigeration replace all refrigeration units which use the hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) R22 at its distribution centres, as part of a long-term modernisation programme. Star Refrigeration implemented an ammonia and carbon dioxide cascade facility for the refrigerated warehouse at one of its major distribution centres in Lutterworth, UK.

Demands A system to provide efficient refrigeration for the 270,000m³ premises. Areas requiring refrigeration were: a frozen food cold store at -25°C and several chill rooms at temperatures between 1°C and 13°C.
Solution Star Refrigeration designed a central refrigeration system which supplies liquid carbon dioxide at -31°C to six air coolers in the cold store. It also supplies carbon dioxide as a volatile secondary refrigerant at -5°C to 20 air coolers in three chill rooms. The cascade facility’s low temperature circuit yields a refrigerating capacity of 820 kW, while the high temperature circuit produces 2,700 kW.

Technical specifications:
Type of facility cascade facility
Refrigerant NH3
Refrigerant volume approx. 2,000 kg NH3
Refrigerant CO2
Refrigerant volume: approx. 8,000 kg CO2
Refrigerating capacity 3.5 MW
Refrigerating temperature CO2 low-temperature circuit: -31 ºC
CO2 high-temperature circuit: -5 ºC
Main components: 2 CO2 and 4 NH3 screw compressors made by Grasso,
26 air coolers,
1 CO2 surge drum and pump set,
2 plate and shell heat exchangers
2 NH3 evaporative condensers,
1 NH3 high pressure receiver
Special features / Comments: Computerised control system, ammonia and carbon dioxide detectors for early leak detection


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