Global Partners

International co-operation

eurammon collaborates with associations, scientific institutes and organizations at the international level.

A Joint Effort for Natural Refrigerants

eurammon's development originally focused on the natural refrigerant ammonia, giving rise to partnerships with the Association of Ammonia Refrigeration (AAR) in India, the Association Française du Froid's (AFF) Le Club Ammoniac in France, the International Academy of Refrigeration with its Representative Office in Kazakhstan and the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (iiar) in the U.S. Beyond this, there are also close collaborations with Spain's association FRIO CALOR AIRE ACONDICIONADO,S.L., Holland's Nederlandse Vereniging van Ondernemingen op het gebied van de Koudetechniek en Luchtbehandeling (NVKL), Australia's Green Cooling Association, the Ukrainian Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration (OSAR), the Southern African Refrigerated Distribution Association (SARDA), the Slovenian Association for Cooling and Air Conditioning (SDHK) and the Swiss Association for Refrigeration Technology (SVK) as well as the Australian Refrigeration Association (ARA), the Romanian General Association of Refrigeration (REHVA) and EUROVENT, the European Committee of Air Handling & Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers.

The partners’ activities complement each other in achieving their shared goal: the increased use of natural refrigerants in a broad range of applications in refrigeration and climate control. Their cooperation is based on the individual autonomy of all parties involved.

The partners frequently share presentation booths at trade fairs like the Chillventa in Germany, organize events (to inform the trade and the general public about their work), and regularly trade expert knowledge in the field of natural refrigerants.