Executive Board

Bernd Kaltenbrunner (chairman)

Bernd Kaltenbrunner is Managing Director of KWN Engineering GmbH, an engineering firm for machine construction and refrigeration technology in Seekirchen/Austria. Born in Austria, Bernd Kaltenbrunner has a degree in industrial engineering and a Master's degree (MSc) in production management. Bernd Kaltenbrunner was elected chairman in 2016.



Monika Witt (vice chair)

Monika Witt, born in 1963, is managing director of the Th. Witt Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH in Aachen.

She studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen and finished with a diploma in the field of process engineering. In 1991 she started as a project engineer for air separation plants at Messer Griesheim GmbH in Krefeld and moved in 1993 to MG Industries USA, a subsidiary of Messer Griesheim GmbH Germany. In 1996 Witt joined the family business Th. Witt Kältemaschinenfabrik where she took over the managing position in 1998. Monika Witt was elected vice chair in 2016.


Georges Hoeterickx

Georges Hoeterickx became member of the eurammon executive board in 2004. Born in Leuven in 1955, the Belgian native is Director Business Development for Evapco Europe in Belgium.

Hoeterickx studied at De Nayer University from which he graduated an electro-mechanical engineer. He obtained his Master of Business Administration from Limburg University in 1989. After a long career with companies like Baltimore Aircoil and ABB Europe he joined Evapco Europe in 2008. During his career Georges Hoeterickx gained experience in all kinds of heat rejection and refrigeration systems, applied in Europe and the Middle East.


Mark Bulmer

Mark Bulmer is the Global Market Segment Manager in the Food & Beverages Division of Georg Fischer Piping Systems in Schaffhausen/Switzerland. He focuses primarily on the market development of pre-insulated plastic piping systems for refrigeration technology and the development of plastic systems particularly for the food & beverages industry. Mark Bulmer studied mechanical engineering at Newcastle Polytechnic/England before starting his career at Georg Fischer in England. In 1994, Bulmer moved to the company headquarters of Georg Fischer Piping AG in Schaffhausen.


Thomas Spänich

Thomas Spänich, born in 1964, became a member of the eurammon executive board in 2004. The refrigeration engineer is manager for R&D and engineering at GEA Refrigeration Germany GmbH, Berlin.

Spänich studied thermal and hydraulic mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Dresden and obtained his degree in refrigeration technology in 1990. He began his professional career that same year as a development engineer with Kühlautomat Berlin GmbH. He has worked as a product manager for chillers with Grasso GmbH Refrigeration Technology since 1997 and in addition has supervised the marketing department since 2004.